Small-Scale Green Energy Bill Survey

Closed 18 Nov 2021

Opened 22 Oct 2021


The Committee for the Economy is seeking your views on the Small-Scale Green Energy Bill. The Bill focuses on three key areas:

  • To place a requirement on major electricity providers and suppliers to provide an obligatory minimum price tariff for exporting micro-generated renewable power into the grid.
  • For the Minister for the Economy ("the Minister") to establish a small scale green energy micro-generation scheme with powers that include setting this minimum price tariff, and to alter it depending on relevant economic conditions (e.g. broader macroeconomic conditions, the unit price of renewable energy and the financial stability of the providers themselves etc.).
  • To provide the Minister with the power to determine what providers are eligible for the scheme by setting a minimum threshold for market share.

This Bill will, if passed, require the Minister for the Economy to establish a small-scale green energy scheme for Northern Ireland

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